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Monport 600W Laserabsaugung mit 5-Schicht-Filter für Lasergravur-Schneidemaschine

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Power: 600w

Max. Airflow Speed: 620m³/h

Filter Layers: 5

Air Inlet Diameter: 100mm/150mm

Extraction Tube: no

Filter Effect: 0.3μm , 99.97%

Max. Noise Level: <68db

Highest Negative Pressure: 2600pa

Universal Wheels: yes

Control Method: remote with display

600W Laser Fume Extractor Features

Strong Suction Power
With 600W strong power, the YW600 fume extractor generates 620 cubic meters/hour of airflow. It can better absorb visible particles and fine dust around the hood head to achieve ideal ventilation effects. Moreover, it is equipped with double air inlets, which can work for two machines at the same time.
Multi-Layer Filter
The fume extractor is designed with a fireproof net to prevent sparks from burning and ensure work safety; under the fireproof net are primary filtration cotton, an H13 filter element, and two layers of activated carbon filter. The 5-layer filter provides a purification rate of up to 99.97% to keep the air in the best condition, effectively filtering dust particles below 0.3 microns and absorbing toxic gases, smoke, and odour. (Note: Comes with 4 sheets of primary filtration cotton)
High-Iodine Columnar Carbon
This laser fume extractor uses columnar carbon with 1000-1100 high iodine to provide you with a fresh working environment to ensure respiratory health. (Note: Pillar carbon is affected by the iodine value. The higher the iodine value, the greater the porosity; the larger the surface area, the stronger the adsorption capacity. Its service life is 1.4 times that of ordinary coal-based carbon, and it has higher purification and deodorization capabilities than ordinary activated carbon.)
Remote Control
The fume extractor comes with a remote control, which has four functions: power switch, 10-level wind speed adjustment, timing, and safety lock, which effectively improves work efficiency; Alarm of filter element clogging : The machine will automatically detect the change in pressure difference of the filter layer and send out an audible and visual alarm signal when the filter element is clogged.
Foam Cotton Sealing
There is foam cotton on the inside of the cover, which not only prevents smoke leakage, but also enhances the air purification effect, and helps reduce noise to ensure a quiet working environment.
Humanized Design
The body is made of durable metal frame. The vents on both sides of the fuselage assist air diffusion. The high-definition screen and operating console make it easy to adjust the parameters as needed. The PU wheel and handle design provide simple and convenient operation.
Compatible Models
This fume extractor comes with air inlets with two diameters of 100mm/150mm, which is suitable for 100mm/150mm smoke pipes. (No adapters required.) It is recommended to use our co2 engraving machines above 50W. It is also compatible with most fiber optic marking machines and co2 engraving machines on the market.

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Fume Extractor*1

100mm*2m Extraction Tube*1

150mm*2m Extraction Tube*1

Fireproof Net*1

Power Cord*1

English Manual*1


Remote Control*1

Primary Filtration Cotton*5

H13 Filter Element*1

High Iodine Activated Carbon Filter*2


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Monport 600W Laserabsaugung mit 5-Schicht-Filter für Lasergravur-Schneidemaschine










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